Friday, June 10, 2016

Young Students Draw Pictures of Chapel Reopening

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Students from the Carolina Friends Durham Early School came to the Chapel's reopening celebration on May 11, 2016. Their teacher said they marveled at the architectural beauty of the Chapel and the dramatic sound of the organs and carillon. The children were inspired by an invitation to document the historic moment in the life of what they call the "Quiet Castle." See some of their drawings below:

The Chapel during the opening remarks, with ribbin and scissors, June, age 4

The front of the Chapel, Coco, age 5 

A rainbow sharing the joy of the moment, plus a sketch of the sound of the bells, Caleb, age 4 


The carillon being played with the motion of below, Reni, age 4

A heart full of love and joy, and ceremonial scissors Sydney, age 5