Learning about the architecture of Duke Chapel

Duke Chapel Student Ambassadors

Connecting Duke Chapel with the student body, Durham community, and world beyond

Duke Chapel Student Ambassadors are a group of trained undergraduate student docents dedicated to learning about the rich history of Duke Chapel and sharing it with the university community, the greater Durham community, and visitors from around the world.

Each Chapel Ambassador conducts research on an aspect of the Chapel, religious or secular, that interests them in order to create their own specialized tour by the end of their first year in the program. United by their love for the Chapel, the ambassadors promote the inclusivity of Duke overall by catering to the diverse interests and needs of the thousands of people entering the icon of the university each academic year.

Our Student Ambassadors

    Lily Baglio

    • Year: Class of 2026
    • Major(s): Undeclared (Econ Intended)
    • Minor(s): Math 
    • Duke Email: llb65@duke.edu
    • Ask me about: Anything about Duke, Student Life, or other extracurricular
    • Clubs @ Duke:  Duke Presidential Ambassador, Femmes+, Duke Red Cross, Duke Science Olympiad, Admissions Ambassador
    • Favorite Part of the Chapel: My favorite part of the Chapel is the view from the top because the journey to climb those 239 steps is challenging, but once at the top you are reminded of the fact that it is the center of Duke's campus literally, and spiritually. A close second would go to the stained-glass windows because there are so many stories that are present beyond just the first glance of glass that you initially see. 

    Margaret Cole

    • Year: Class of 2026
    • Intended Major: Sociology
    • Minor: Japanese
    • Duke Email: margaret.cole@duke.edu
    • Ask me about: Anything related to Duke or my extracurriculars
    • Clubs @ Duke: Air Force ROTC, Chapel Scholars, Admissions Ambassadors, Duke Cru, Duke Recreation and Physical Fitness Lifeguard and Swim Instructor
    • Favorite Part of the Chapel: My favorite part of the Chapel is the Benjamin N. Duke Memorial Organ (the Flentrop) because it not only looks stunning, but the sound it produces is so powerful and euphonious that it sends shivers down your spine every time you hear it.

    Sherman Criner 

    • Year: Class of 2026
    • Major(s):  Public Policy Studies and Political Science
    • Duke Email: Sherman.criner@duke.edu
    • Ask me about: Anything Duke related (Chapel, religious life, gym, food, basketball, politics, law, etc.)
    • Clubs @ Duke: DSG Judiciary, Polis Student Committee, Duke Law Federalist Society, Juris Undergraduate Law Magazine, Phi Alpha Delta, Bench and Bar, and RUF
    • Favorite Part of the Chapel: My favorite parts of the Chapel are the personal remnants of the artisans that constructed West Campus’ most iconic building. From tiny wooden mice hidden within the chancel to the faces of unknown masons sculpted on the exterior of the building, each discovery, no matter the size, gives character and life to a seemingly stoic building.

    David Ntim 

    • Year: Class of 2026
    • Intended Major: Biomedical Engineering
    • Duke Email: david.ntim@duke.edu
    • Ask me about: Anything related to Duke (Chapel, religious life, student life, etc)
    • Clubs @ Duke: Chapel Scholar, Every Nation Campus, Duke Africa, Wellness Center Intern, Duke Crux, National Society of Black Engineers
    • Favorite Part of the Chapel: Its consistent presence on campus and how it has interacted with the community as time goes on. Regarding physical elements, it would likely be the stained-glass windows and how they not only tell the story of the Bible but also illuminate the Chapel.