Students, staff, faculty, and community members are invited to join the Chapel in reading Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America. The book's author, Michael Eric Dyson, will be preaching at the Chapel in the 11 a.m. service on Sunday, January 14, 2018. A number of opportunities for discussion of the book will be offered throughout the semester for students. Students interested in joining a reading group should reach out to Rev. Joshua Lazard. A discussion open to the public will be held in January 2018.

This is the third year of reading for the “Duke Chapel Reads” initiative. Through this effort, the Chapel aims to curate spaces for reflection and conversation, responding to recent national events and contemporary culture. Duke Chapel Reads contributes to the Chapel’s ongoing commitment to the intersection of theology and the (literary) arts through the C. Eric Lincoln Minister, as well as our desire to connect with diverse communities. 

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Duke Students can receive a free copy of Tears We Cannot Stop, courtesy of the Chapel.

Students interested in joining a reading group can