Group photo of the 2019-2020 Chapel Scholars

Chapel Scholars

Each year since 2002, students who are in good-standing from both Trinity College of the Arts & Sciences and the Pratt School of Engineering have been selected to become Chapel Scholars. Scholars are undergraduates who intentionally engage in Chapel-based programming that nurtures the intellectual, ethical and spiritual life of students.

As a Chapel Scholar, undergraduates will have the opportunity to engage with a number of initiatives and events sponsored by the Chapel. New Scholars will be placed in a cohort that will connect them with other students that come from a wide range of Christian traditions. Scholars will be able to form discipleship and pastoral mentoring relationships with involved Chapel staff.

Scholars that meet the participation requirements will be eligible for funding up to $750 annually that will supplement mission trips, conferences, and service projects.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Program Mission and Objective

  • Nurture the intellectual, ethical, and spiritual life of participants
  • Foster an environment conducive for ecumenical fellowship through intentional programming
  • Serve as a hub for spiritual mentorship
  • Provide support to students for mission trips, conferences, and service projects

What We Do

This is a four-year experience in which students are able to participate from their first year through their senior year. However, this program is eligible for any Christian identifying student no matter what year they are in their matriculation at Duke. More details about the experience for Scholars in their first year of the program can be found on the application.

Broadly, there are five areas that students are expected to engage throughout their tenure as a Chapel Scholar.
  1. Beloved Community. By using faithful efforts, the intent of the beloved community is to hold space for table fellowship. These events are the Chapel Scholars’ annual dinner, Welcome Back dinners, Duke Chapel Reads, discernment reading groups, and the Lock-in (an overnight stay in the Chapel).
  2. Framing Your Faith. A once-a-month gathering designed for an intensive level of faith and spiritual formation. Food is provided.
  3. Meet me at the Chapel.” Students agree to participate minimally three times an academic year in the Chapel’s worship life (Sunday morning, Vespers, Evensong, All Hallows’ Eve, Tenebrae, etc.) and who will agree to be ambassadors for events happening in the Chapel building.
  4. Scholars’ Retreat. An overnight trip where Scholars’ will engage in leadership training focusing on models of ethical and spiritual resiliency.
  5. Alternative Spring Break Trips.
    1. Spiritual Renewal. XiD—Christ in the Desert (alternative spring break trip)—is a “silent” retreat intended to focus on prayer and meditation and a meaningful “break” from the daily and weekly grind of college life.
    2. Faith that Works. The Costa Rica Mission Trip (alternative spring break trip) is usually a ten-day round trip that consists of participating in a build project with a Christian organization in Costa Rica with ties to North Carolina and Duke University. Enrolling in a house course is required to participate in this trip.

An important part of being a Chapel Scholar is developing relationships with Chapel ministers and fellow Chapel Scholars, and deepening your relationship with God. To facilitate that, Chapel ministers meet informally with students and also organize these events and initiatives.