Choral Vespers

Sing With Us

Duke Chapel is home to three choirs led by Chapel Music staff. The choirs are open to anyone in the Duke and Triangle communities; Duke students, faculty, and staff, are particularly encouraged to participate.

Open rehearsals of the Chapel Choir, and auditions for all three choirs, are held at the beginning of the fall semester and throughout the academic year. We make every effort to engage all students and community members who are interested in singing with us. Further information about each choir’s rehearsal schedule and audition process is below.

Chapel Choir

Auditions are designed to be as relaxed and stress-free as possible. You needn’t prepare any repertoire or songs in advance, but you may be asked to sing a simple hymn or song that you know well. The audition will include some simple vocal warm-ups and similar musical activities, and will last for ten to fifteen minutes.

To schedule an audition for the Chapel Choir, contact Dr. Zebulon Highben or use the online audition scheduling page.

Vespers Ensemble

To schedule an audition for the Vespers Ensemble, please contact Dr. Philip Cave.

Evensong Singers

To schedule an audition for Evensong Singers, please contact Christopher Jacobson, FRCO.

For more information about all of the choirs and the music program at Duke Chapel, please contact the Chapel Music Office.