C. Eric Lincoln Theology & Arts Fellowship

The C. Eric Lincoln Fellowship supports undergraduate and graduate students in creating sacred art that reflects on theological concepts and personal spiritual commitments. Fellows receive funding and the opportunity to exhibit their work in Duke Chapel.

Black and White Portrait of C. Eric Lincoln

This fellowship is named in honor of the late Dr. C. Eric Lincoln, who was a professor of religion and culture at Duke University from 1976 to 1993. His work is internationally recognized as an authority on the sociology of religion as it relates to race and ethnicity in the United States. His body of work models both the academic integrity and faith formation the Chapel’s student ministry also attempts to embody.

Past Fellows

Shiraz Ahmed Headshot

Shiraz Ahmed

Rebekah Schultz Headshot

Rebekah Schultz

Kaiya Jennings Headshot

Kaiya Jennings

Lizbeth Leapo Headshot

Lizbeth Leapo

Evan Nicole Bell Headshot

Evan Nicole Bell

Justin Baez & Edom Tilahun Headshot

Justin Baez & Edom Tilahun

Who Can Apply?

Duke students in good standing from any religious or spiritual background.

What We Look For:

  • Clearly articulated theological or spiritual foundation
  • Demonstrated artistic expertise and vision
  • Detailed project timeline with key milestones and deliverables
  • Comprehensive project budget with justification for all expenses

The deadline for submission for the 2024-2025 fellowship is Friday May 24th 2024.