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Chapel View magazine is published two times a year and features editorials, interviews, mission trip stories, and other news from the Chapel.

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Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2011: Clarifying Duke Chapel's Many Roles

Newsletter 4th Quarter 2010 and 1st Quarter 2011: Vision, Trust, Investment

Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2010: A Five-Year Retrospective

Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2010: Making All Things New

Newsletter 1st Quarter 2010: Celebrating 75 Years

Newsletter 4th Quarter 2009: A Busy Year for Duke Chapel

Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2009: A Season for Change

Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2009: Finding Peace

Newsletter 1st Quarter 2009: The Raw Heart of Faith

Newsletter 4th Quarter 2008: The Year in Review

Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2008: Exhibits in the Life of Duke Chapel

Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2008 : With Both Hands

Newsletter 1st Quarter 2008: Entering Passiontide

Newsletter 4th Quarter 2007: Learning to Dream Again

Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2007: In Harmony with Creation

Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2007: Forming the Faith Council

Newsletter 1st Quarter 2007: Money, Money, Money

Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2006: The State of the Chapel

Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2006: Responding in Friendship

Newsletter First Quarter 2006: Is there Hope in the Holy Land?