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There’s nothing quite like Say the Thing in the world yet and Say the Thing is still becoming which means we need, and want, your brilliance to shape the storytelling effort we’re building. So we’re pulling together a team and we want this team to be a diverse collection of talented minds, interested and interesting people, with a wide variety skills.

And don’t be fooled, we’re not just looking for humanities majors because we’re interested in storytelling (although we love humanities majors). This is a venture for engineering wunderkinds and inspired artists, disciplined jocks and deep-diving policy wonks, data-driven econ majors and pre-med perfectionists. We want to gather in all your remarkable offerings and combine them into self conscious storytelling design. We want to see what dreams for the Duke community you come up with and then build them.

The Self Conscious Design Team is slated to launch in Spring 2024.

As a member of the Self Conscious Design Team, you will be expected to regularly attend team meetings, conceive of unique and bold storytelling concepts, and carry them out on campus. Devise new Larks, “TA” the Studio, and/or contribute to the development of the Hamster. With the Self Conscious Design Team, the sky’s the limit and your skills will grow.

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“dream a little before you think."

Toni Morrison