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Much of Say the Thing’s approach to storytelling emerges from community organizing and social change concepts which champion the importance of self-knowledge and power. We believe that to make an impact in the world kindly, effectively, ethically, one must strive to understand one’s worldview and positionality with clarity and curiosity.

the Hamster gives you an opportunity to explore and identify your worldview analog style and on your own timeline. It also gives you the opportunity to snag a dozenish polaroids of your favorite places, people, and moments. And what could be better than that? A unique capsule collection of polaroids that make up the stuff of who you really are.

Here's how the Hamster works:

  • Click to the button below to be in touch with Leah Torrey and let her know you want to learn more about the Hamster.
  • She will email you back shortly with more information including a simple worksheet that will help you get started in the curation of your Hamster capsule collection.
  • You’ll be asked to pick 6-10 places that are sites of transformation for you and a picture that represents that change. Start dreaming up those images, this is the fun part!
  • Next, you’ll draft short captions explaining each captured moment. Share why this place, how this place changed you.
  • Finally, you’ll meet with Leah to talk through your Hamster collection and print your images on polaroid film. You may choose to “publish” your Hamster collection on IG and/or through our Short Edition Lark machine and/or keep your collection a private keepsake of your becoming.


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"you cannot make the revolution. you can only be the revolution. it is in your spirit, or it is nowhere."

Ursula K. Le Quin