Thursday, May 26, 2022

In Wake of School Shooting, Dean Powery Points to Jesus's Embrace of Children

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Writing with other church leaders in the Church Anew blog about the Uvalde, Texas, school massacre, Chapel Dean Luke Powery points to how Jesus welcomed children:

"In contrast to the mores of his day and also the impulses of his own disciples, Jesus says, 'Let the children come' (Mark 10:14). Jesus is a child advocate extraordinaire. He responds to his followers and doesn’t want the children to stop coming to him. He welcomes them and holds them up as models for the kingdom."

"We need to follow the way of Jesus. He embraces children as a sign of his own self-identification with the least of these (Mark 9:33-37). He reveals that how we treat children is an indication of what we think about God and who God is and how close we are to God."

Read the essay.