QuadEx Chaplains Services

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1:1 Conversations

QuadEx chaplains are equipped to engage in conversation around open-ended topics like meaning and purpose, family system processing, grief and transition work, deconstruction of beliefs, exploration of new philosophical systems, and other questions that might not have answers but that are important to you right now on your life journey.


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Multifaith Spiritual Leadership for Gatherings

Do you have a vigil, a panel, or a discussion you are trying to coordinate on Duke's campus? University chaplains can offer spiritual leadership in contexts of intense emotionality. They also can facilitate conversation in a way that invites groups into deeper thinking.


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Group Education Sessions

Interested in learning more about a religious tradition or practice? Want your small group to tackle questions around religious diversity and conflict resolution? QuadEx chaplains are ready to facilitate programs around a variety of topics, from informational to interpersonal.

Here is a list of 2-3 topics each chaplain is ready to lead a session on. (If you have a different topic you’re interested in learning, please reach out to the chaplains or the Director of Religious Life to talk more!)