Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The Chronicle Student Newspaper Says Dean Powery 'Embodies What It Means to Be a Leader at Duke'

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The (Duke) Chronicle is recognizing Chapel Dean Luke Powery as one of its "Chron15: Leaders," saying: "For his guidance on matters of race and ethics and his constant spiritual support for the entire University, Powery embodies what it means to be a leader at Duke."

The recognition is given "to celebrate the icons, leaders and pioneers that have been so instrumental in making the University a place we’ll be proud of in the future, but also those who have made Duke the place we know and love today."

In selecting Dean Powery, who is also a professor at the Divinity School and in Department of African and African American Studies, for the honor, the student-run newspaper cited his sermons that "regularly connect Biblical verses with current affairs and interweave recent news and issues pressing to students with aspects of theology in a manner that is simultaneously educational and captivating." They also applauded his statements on national tragedies and his public conversation with lawyer Bryan Stevenson on “Seeking Justice and Redemption in the Public Square."

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