Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Chapel Music Director’s Original Hymns Selected for Publication

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A forthcoming publication of songs for Christian worship will include original music and lyrics by Duke Chapel Director of Music Dr. Zebulon Highben.

In creating the liturgical supplement All Creation Sings, the Lutheran publishing house Augsburg Fortress selected three hymns by Dr. Highben. Two of the hymns have original tunes by Dr. Highben, which are paired with texts by the poet and pastor Rev. Susan Briehl—“God Alone Be Praised” and “Lift Up Your Heads.” In a third hymn, “Surely God Is My Salvation,” Dr. Highben paired his own text with a traditional folk melody.

“Hymns are communal expressions of Christian faith,” Dr. Highben said. “New hymns may address a contemporary context while also connecting to a broader theological imagination.

“Through the texts and melodies of hymns, the church expresses its praise, lament, and hope—even in difficult and turbulent times,” he said. “Duke Chapel has long been part of this living tradition of sacred song.”

Scheduled for release this fall by Augsburg Fortress, All Creation Sings comprises about 200 hymns and songs, many of them newly created over the last fifteen years, for use in prayer and worship services. Augsburg Fortress is the publishing ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Duke Chapel’s music program dates back to the Chapel’s founding in the 1930s and includes three choirs, weekly worship services, regular organ and carillon recitals, an annual concert series, recording projects, training for singers and organists, and a diverse catalogue of choral compositions published in the Music from Duke Chapel Series with ECS Publishing Group.