(Intentional time set aside for Supervision; minimum of 30 minutes per week average)

SECTION I (To be completed by the Intern in consultation with the Supervisor)

A. Describe your long-range vocational plans?
B. What are the overall learning goal(s) you expect to achieve as a result of this Fellowship experience?
C. Separate the overall learning goal(s) into specific learning objectives aimed to accomplish your overall learning goals (B above).
D. List the specific tasks assigned and ministry/service/work opportunities that will contribute directly to the realization of your specific learning objectives. Tie each task to its related learning objective.
E. List other duties that will be expected of you as Intern in this placement that may not contribute directly to your learning goals.
F. What other experiences have you had (previous work, church or service activities, courses, readings, etc.) which will assist you in these duties and learning objectives?

SECTION II (To be completed by the Supervisor after the Intern has completed Section I)

A. Comment and give your assessment of the Intern’s or Fellow’s overall goals (B above) and specific learning objectives (C above).
B. Do you consider these learning goals appropriate for this placement? Explain.
C. Are they realistic and adequately challenging for his/her stage of vocational development? Explain.
D. Do you think the motivation expressed by the Intern is appropriate for these goals and the responsibilities expected in this placement? Explain.
E. Describe your personal and professional commitment to this Intern’s learning process and your plan for supervision.

We understand and agree to this covenant:

SECTION III (To be completed by Duke Chapel PathWays Office)

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