Please answer all questions as honestly and completely as possible. Your answers will help make our program better for future interns, supervisors, and the program as a whole.

Internship Experience

1. Please describe how your expectations of this experience were met, unmet or exceeded.

2. Please describe how you witnessed your student intern grow in their sense of call, ministry &/or pursuit of vocation?

3. Did you feel that your supervision time, along with the tasks/projects assigned were effective in meeting the interns needs for this experience? Please explain.

4. Please share with us the highlights (strengths or contributions of the intern), as well as, the challenges (areas of growth) of working with your assigned intern.

5. Will you continue to maintain contact with your intern into the school year? How?

Program Administration

Intern Matching process
Dissemination of information
Supervisor Orientation Luncheon (if you attended)
Mid- Summer Site Visits
Overall Administration of the Program

Suggestions and Final Comments

Please share with us any specific ways we can improve the quality and success of the PathWays Summer Internship Program.

Feel free to comment on any of the above aspects and even the content of this evaluation.

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