Please take the time with one another to discuss your learning goals, expectations and supervision plans for this summer internship experience.
It is important to lay a good foundation of trust and understanding as you begin this journey together.
Be sure to submit this completed agreement on or before Monday, June 20th, 2016.

Additional questions should be addressed Gerly Ace or in our office in Duke Chapel Room 041.
Supervisors and students please remember to retain a copy of this agreement for your own files as well.

Thank you!

Assignment Dates: June 13, 2016 through August 5, 2016

(Intentional time set aside for Supervision; minimum of 30 minutes per week average)

SECTION I (To be completed by the Intern in consultation with the Supervisor. Please submit all typed answers to the following by Monday, June 20, 2016.)

A. What are the overall learning goal(s) you expect to achieve as a result of this internship experience? Separate these learning goal(s) into specific learning objectives which are aimed to accomplish your learning goals.
B. List the specific tasks assigned and ministry opportunities available which will contribute directly to the realization of your specific learning objectives. Perhaps tie each task to its related learning objective.
C. Describe the gifts and strengths that you would like to apply to your internship experience and specific skills or experiences that you would like to be exposed to or involved in to further your growth.

SECTION II (To be completed by the Supervisor after the Intern has completed Section I.)

A. Comment and give your assessment of the Intern’s overall goals (B above) and specific learning objectives (C above). Do you consider these learning goals appropriate for this field setting? Explain.
B. Describe your personal and professional commitment to this Intern’s learning process and your plan for supervision.
C. Explain any additional expectations that you may have for the student’s internship experience.

We understand and agree to this covenant:

SECTION III (To be completed by the Duke Chapel PathWays Office)

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