Thursday, September 01, 2022

Students: Join the 'Seeking Your Spiritual Direction' Series

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Students are invited to participate in a four-week series at the start of the semester to explore the diverse array of spiritual and religious opportunities on campus. This program is open to all students, from any religious tradition or none. Each week, students will have some simple exercises to do on their own. Students will gather weekly for about an hour of discussion.

Register here by September 8.

Week 1: Individual Spiritual Practices—Visit Duke Forest, Duke Gardens, or DuWell in order to explore spaces of individual practice. The cohort will meet on Sunday afternoon to share stories and explore expectations.

Week 2: Small Group Reflection—Meet at the Chapel for food and to learn about reflective listening practices, such as restorative justice circles.

Week 3: Large Group Religious Gatherings—Visit two different Religious Life prayer or worship events with others, including Friday Jum'ah or Shabbat, Sunday Chapel service or Catholic Mass, or Monday Buddhist Meditation Community.

Week 4: Develop and reflect on your own Spiritual Care Plan—Examine what practices, priorities, and commitments your spirit needs for the semester. Develop a plan. Bring your reflections to the group and wrap up the time together.