PathWays provides opportunities for students to hear and respond to God's call for their lives on campus, in Durham, and beyond through study, artistic expression, counsel, service, and community. Its aim is to help students bridge faith and learning during their time at Duke, so that they can take purposeful steps in bridging their distinctive talents with the world's deepest needs.

Among the experiences and events PathWays offers are:

  • one-on-one counseling
  • small discernment groups¬†
  • undergraduate courses
  • mission trips
  • local service opportunities
  • residential Christian community.

PathWays is an ecumenical Christian program, which means that participating students come from a wide range of Christian traditions. Many students involved with PathWays also participate in other Religious Life groups, and are encouraged to foster a sense of cooperation and hospitality across ministry groups.

To learn more about getting involved with Pathways, please contact the Chapel's C. Eric Lincoln Minister for Student Engagement.