Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Student Writes 'A Love Letter to the Duke Chapel'

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Writing in the (Duke) Chronicle, sophomore Anna Sorensen, a member of the Chapel's Evensong Singers, describes her experience with the Duke Chapel community. "Duke Evensong Choir was the very first activity I picked up, and it remains the most valuable use of my extracurricular time to this day," she says. "Every time I enter the Chapel, I feel like some part of me is coming home, and I know I belong to something much greater than myself and my struggles or stresses."

"I’ve spent this past year growing more attached to the Chapel, and I have slowly made it my own place of worship," she says in her column "A love letter to the Duke Chapel." "From hours of choir rehearsal to random moments of prayer, the Chapel has been a constant in my day-to-day college life. This Easter, as the resurrection hymns I know by heart rose within the Chapel walls, I felt as though I was truly part of the congregation."

"The Chapel carries different meanings for different people at Duke. For some, it’s a central, enduring trademark of our university," she says. "Indeed, few buildings on campus are as recognizable and striking as this magnificent piece of architecture. It’s also a beautiful photo-op, especially this time of year as the life surrounding it blooms in full force. But for many others — myself included — the Chapel is a home for faith and spirituality. The Chapel is a physical reminder of the comforting and persisting presence of God and of a community grounded in hope and love amidst a busy college life."

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