Religious Life at Duke creates a safe place for religious expression and student support, and promotes collaboration between Duke’s diverse faith groups.

The Religious Life team of clergy, chaplains, and administrators work with the University to welcome new students during Orientation Week and offer events throughout the year, including weekly worship opportunities and special events.

Every recognized Religious Life group can apply to receive an annual grant from the Chapel in order to support specific programming or advance the group’s mission and goals.

Students involved in Religious Life groups are eligible to apply for funding to support mission trips over the fall, winter, spring, and summer breaks.

Religious Life Directory

Acts2 at Duke

We are an outreach initiative of the Bruderhof, and are passionate about following Jesus together and to finding God's purpose for our lives as citizens of his kingdom.  Join with us on campus and at our Durham House in conversation, discussion, Bible study, sharing meals, praying, building lasting relationships, and serving others as we strive to learn how to live like Jesus.

Chuck & Ilace Greenyer, (984) 484-0934

Office: Rm 0044, Duke Bryan Center Green House, 125 Science Drive, Durham, NC, 27708

Adventist Christian Fellowship

ACF is affiliated with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and provides spiritual support for students. Using the Bible as our basis, we seek to grow in our understanding of God and to extend His love to others.

Milton Blackmon, Faculty Advisor, (919) 684-2130

Office: Rm 119, Academic Advising Center, Box 90697, Durham, NC 27708

Agapé Campus Ministry

The heartbeat of Agape Campus Ministry is to form a vibrant community of students who are growing in prayer, fellowship, and a passion for God on this campus.  We welcome you to join us, as we journey together on this discovery of God’s love and passion for Duke.

Gus Kim, Pastoral Staff, (919) 637-0927

Office: Rm 044, Duke Bryan Center Green House, 125 Science Drive, Durham, NC 27708

Buddhist Meditation Community at Duke

Cultivating and Sharing Wisdom and Compassion

Meditation * Reflection * Friendship

The Meditation Community provides the opportunity to practice meditation and learn about Buddhist teachings. Our Monday evening meetings include quiet meditation, group study, and discussion.  Morning meditation on weekdays is also available.  We are culturally diverse group that welcomes the curious, beginners, experienced Buddhists, and those of other religions equally.  We deeply value the role of friendship and community in supporting a thoughtful spiritual path of wisdom and compassion.

Francesca Morfesis

Office: Rm 035, Duke Chapel Basement, 401 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC, 27708
Campus Meditation Room: Buddhist Room (0045), Duke Bryan Center 

Congregation at Duke Chapel

Carol GreggThis ecumenical congregation serves the pastoral needs of those from Duke and the Triangle area for whom Duke Chapel is the primary place of worship. Membership is open to all, including students. Watch this five-minute video for a closer look at the Congregation's life together.

Rev. Carol Gregg, Pastor,(919) 684-3917

Office: Rm 031, Duke Chapel Basement, 401 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC, 27708

Cooperative Baptist Student Fellowship

Cooperative Baptist Student Fellowship (CBSF) seeks to build diverse, inclusive, and authentic community by engaging in questions of Scripture, life, and faith as we develop meaningful relationships with God and one another. All students welcome.

Lawrence Powers, (252) 916-1679

Office: Rm 025, Duke Chapel Basement, 401 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC 27708

Cru & Bridges International 

Cru is a community of students seeking to follow Christ together during our time at Duke.  We exist to help students encounter Christ in Scripture, connect with friends, and reach out to others with Jesus’ love.

Charlie Densmore, Campus Minister, (360) 259-4480
Dan Castiglione

Office: Rm 0047 (near Meditation Rooms), Duke Bryan Center Basement, 125 Science Drive, Durham, NC 27708

Duke Asian InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity is a witnessing community driven by Christ's love to change lives, our campus, and the world.  Whether a follower of Christ or exploring your beliefs, come join us at large group, small groups, social events, and retreats!

Angela Cho, Staff Leader, (703) 489-6717

Office:  Rm 0038, Duke Chapel Basement, 401 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC 27708

Duke Catholic Center

Duke Catholic Center is the spiritual home of the 1,200 Catholic students on campus. In addition to two Sunday Masses (11am in Goodson Chapel and 9pm in Duke Chapel) and daily Mass, the DCC also offers weekly community dinners, small faith groups, an awesome music ministry, spiritual retreats, intramural sports, countless social events, and more! Come join us for any event, any time -- and don't hesitate to bring a friend or two. Everyone is welcome at all Duke Catholic Center activities!

Father Michael Martin, Director, (919) 684-1882
Father Brad Heckathorne, Associate Director, (603) 203-8088
Catherine Preston, Campus Minister, (919) 257-1799

@ West Campus: 3rd Floor, Page Building, 402 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC 27708
@ East Campus: Falcone-Arena House, 402 N. Buchanan Blvd., Durham, NC 27701

Duke Chapel PathWays

PathWays helps students listen to the heart of God on campus, in Durham, and beyond through study, counsel, service, artistic expression, and community. An ecumenical Christian program, we encourage relationships across boundaries and dialogue among ministry groups. PathWays also supports United in Praise, Duke's undergraduate student gospel choir. 

Bruce Puckett, (919) 668-0485
Joshua Lazard, (919) 684-2234

Office: Rm 0037, Duke Chapel Basement, 401 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC 27708

Duke Lutherans

Duke Lutherans is a pan-Lutheran community at Duke University, called to life together on campus, in our local congregations, and throughout the Durham community. All  are welcome!

Ali Tranvik, Campus Minister, 919-489-3214

Office: Rm 0038, Duke Chapel Basement, 401 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC 27708

Duke Orthodox Christian Fellowship (Duke OCF)

Duke OCF brings together a group of Orthodox Christian students and seekers for friendship, fellowship, and spiritual growth. The mission of Duke OCF is to be a community where students can explore and practice Orthodox Christian spirituality.

Fr. Stavroforos Mamaies, Priest/Advisor and Campus Chaplain, (919) 484-1600

Office: St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church, 8306 NC Highway 751, Durham, NC 27713-6860

Episcopal Student Fellowship

We're a friendly, inclusive church that values reason and tradition as highly as scripture. Bring your doubts, questions, passions and hopes. We meet on Sundays for Eucharist and dinner. We also have mid-week program. Welcome!

Sam Laurent, Chaplain, (919) 286-0624

Office: Episcopal Center at Duke Unviversity, 505 Alexander Ave., Durham, NC 27705

Every Nation Campus @ Duke (ENC @ Duke)

Who is Cambridge Christian Fellowship (CCF): CCF is a chapter of Every Nation Campus Ministries (ENCM) -strongly connected with other chapters in Durham. We are committed to living for the Glory of God, the Joy of Humanity, and the Saturation of the Gospel in life, relationships, and our work. Therefore our motto is "Follow Jesus. Make Disciples" (#fjmd). If you want the opportunity to discover life-long friends who encourage your spiritual growth and if you have a heart to see God on your campus and in the city, join us and together let's bring Heaven to earth.  

Anthony and Marybeth Jorge, Staff, (863) 529-9733

Office: Rm 0038, Duke Chapel Basement, 401 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC, 27708

Hindu Life at Duke

Hindu Life at Duke offers weekly meditation and spiritual discussions  to all students  at Duke. We celebrate various Hindu religious events and provide spiritual guidance.

Madhu Sharma, Hindu Chaplain, (812) 350-3240

Office: Rm 035, Duke Chapel Basement, 401 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC, 27708

International Students, Inc. (ISI)

International Students, Inc. desires that within our circle of service all international students and visiting scholars shall:  Discover and Connect with others: through meaningful personal assistance, friendship and cultural exchange; and through quality study break opportunities; and Thrive while growing in True wisdom and understanding.  ISI is a non-denominational faith organization with 300 staff nationally, who are followers of Jesus.

Scott Hawkins, (919) 943-3096
Dan Kronstad, (630) 903-1300
Rebekah & Jordan Lassiter

Office: Rm 033, Duke Chapel Basement, 401 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC, 27708

InterVarsity Graduate and Faculty Ministries

GCF is the Graduate and Professional student ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Our hope is to be a community of support and encouragement for those who are seeking to bring together faith in Christ and a calling to academic life.  And if you are not a Christian we welcome you to “check things out” in a safe and understanding circle of friends.

Steve Hinkle, Staff Leader, (919)452-6788
Stephanie Holmer, Staff, (330)-607-3963

Office: Rm 033A, Duke Chapel Basement, 401 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC, 27708

Jewish Life at Duke

Jewish Life at Duke serves as the home for Jewish Life on campus.  Students, staff and faculty come together to create a vibrant, diverse and pluralistic Jewish environment.  We are here to help celebrate holidays, make friends, enjoy a good meal, discuss Israel, as well as connect those interested with amazing Jewish opportunities to campus, at home and throughout the world.

Rabbi Elana Friedman, (919) 684-6422
Joyce Gordon

Office: Freeman Center for Jewish Life, 1415 Faber St., Durham, NC 27708

LDSSA: Latter-day Saint Student Association

Latter-day Saint Student Association (LDSSA): A joint program with the LDSSA at the University of North Carolina, regular institute classes and activities at both universities.

Ken Rogerson, Faculty Advisor, (919) 613-7387

Office: Rm 148, Sanford School of Public Policy, Box 90245, Durham, NC 27708

Muslim Life at Duke

Imam Joshua SalaamDuke’s Muslim Community reflects the entire ethnic, racial and cultural diversity of the Muslim world. We plan community outreach, religious, social and political activities. All are welcomed to participate in the various enriching activities and events.

Joshua Salaam, (919) 613-6780
Imam Abdul Waheed

Office: Center for Muslim Life at Duke, 406 Swift Ave., Durham, NC 27708

Presbyterian Campus Ministry (PCUSA and UCC)

Presbyterian Campus Ministry is an open-minded, open-hearted community of Christians in the Reformed traditions of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the UCC. Come enjoy a spiritual home where we care for one another, Duke, Durham and the world.

Libby Boehne, Presbyterian Campus Minister, (919) 438-1541

Office: Rm 036, Duke Chapel Basement, 401 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC, 27708

Reformed University Fellowship

Though Presbyterian in affialiation, RUF is for any Duke student, regardless of one's beliefs or doubts, to explore Christianity and what it means to trust and follow Jesus in community with other Duke students.

Matt Mahala, 508-951-6216

Office: Rm 0038, Duke Chapel Basement, 401 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC, 27708

The Navigators

A network of friends who enjoy exploring the Bible honestly. We value skeptics and spiritual-rookies, connecting to friends right where they are, asking real questions, and pursuing a faith for all of life.

John C. Hamilton, Campus Minister, (919) 599-3519

Office: Rm 025, Duke Chapel Basement, 401 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC, 27708

Wesley Fellowship (United Methodist)

We're an inclusive, critically engaged, justice-oriented community supported by the United Methodist Church. Through worship, sacrament, prayer, service, study, and deep friendship, we help Duke students grow to be more like Jesus.

Dave Allen, United Methodist Campus Minister, (919) 684-6735

Office: Rm 032, Duke Chapel Basement, 401 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC, 27708