Psalms in Dialogue

Psalms in Dialogue

To be broken is to be called into improvisation, into “making” as devotion. This is how we enter a dialogue with the Psalms, one that began thousands of years ago, among men and women of faith, speaking and listening to God.

Click the play button on this video player below to watch Psalms in Dialogue: (Be)Holding the Broken Pieces.

In this online presentation, Duke University Chapel and the Duke Chapel Choir welcomes visual artist Makoto Fujimura, theologian Dr. Ellen Davis, Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet, dancers Andrew Nemr and Paiter van Yperen for an evening of creativity and conversation inspired by the biblical Psalms. In the program, artists, musicians, theologians, singers, and dancers will present performances and works inspired by five Psalms: 46, 88, 90, 91, and 92.

Also watch an online discussion with the artists.

This year's presentation is the third part of the Chapel's Psalms in Dialogue series. Read more about the series in Chapel View magazine and watch last year's presentation here: