Application Deadline (extended):  April 8, 2016


The information you provide in this application will assist us with matching you with the appropriate summer internship opportunity in a local congregation, faith-based, or non-profit organization. Your application will be carefully reviewed among our staff and shared with the pastor or director who will supervise your internship experience.

Student Information

*On a separate typed page(s) please provide the following information, making sure to label each page with your name. Your answers will assist us in placing you in the appropriate environment:

a. Describe the type of work & ministry experiences you would like to participate in during your internship, including any skills that you desire to contribute and those that you would like to develop.

b. Please describe your learning/work style including how you prefer to receive feedback and instruction. (i.e. lots of instructions & close supervision or room for creativity & limited direct supervision)

c. (Optional) If you so choose, please comment on any specific personal circumstances or unique information about yourself that you feel should be considered in the placement process.

*Ministry Statement
Describe the development of your faith and understanding of ministry/service up until this point, including essential influences & experiences that have informed and shaped your faith and Christian journey. (400-450 words max). Please label each page with your name and page number.

Please attach your resume. Highlight all of your leadership, community service, work experiences, as well as, your involvement within your faith community over the past 3-5 years.

I agree to faithfully fulfill the responsibilities of my internship placement insofar as my abilities permit with the support of the PathWays staff and my placement supervisor. My signature authorizes the release of this completed application to my assigned internship supervisor.

Signature of Student _____________________________________ Date _______________

*All parts of the application must be turned in together or the application will be marked as incomplete and will not be reviewed for consideration.

Please submit applications by March 18, 2016 to:

Duke Chapel PathWays
Attn: Rev. Bruce Puckett, Director of Worship and Community Ministry
Duke University Chapel
Box 90974
Durham, North Carolina 27708

Or drop it off:
Duke Chapel, Office 0051 or 044B (basement level)

If you have any questions please contact us at 919-668-0485

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