Chapel WindowThe Chapel’s seventy-seven windows depict biblical characters and stories. The lower-level, or medallion, windows illustrate stories from the New Testament, beginning with the stories of Mary and Elizabeth and ending with the Revelation of St. John on the Isle of Patmos. In the turrets leading up to the triforia are windows depicting biblical warriors of the Middle Ages, such as Joshua, Judas Maccabeus, Jehosaphat, Hezekiah, and St. Longinus.

S. Charles Jaekle of G. Owen Bonawit, Inc., along with fourteen other artists and craftsmen, designed and composed the windows. The project took almost three years to complete and used more than one million pieces of glass, varying in thickness from 1/8-3/16 of an inch. The primary colors are yellow, ruby, and blue, with secondary colors of brown, white, purple, and green. All of the ruby glass and most of the blue glass was crafted in the United States, while the other colored glass was imported from England, France, and Belgium. The largest window is 17 feet, 6 inches x 38 feet, and the smallest is 14 x 20 inches. There are 800-900 figures depicted in the windows, with 301 of those figures larger than life-size.