This final evaluation is designed to provide a process for assessing the Fellow’s learning and growth and level of contribution during their service with your organization. It is also designed to help make our program better for future fellows, supervisors, and the program as a whole. Thank you for taking the time to answer all questions as honestly and completely as possible.

It is the supervisor’s discretion whether and how to discuss this evaluation with the Fellow. The PathWays staff will use this evaluation as a supplement to our overall assessment of the Fellow’s performance in the other aspects of the program. The Fellow will also complete an evaluation of their placement experience and the program overall.

Below AverageAverageVery GoodExcellent
Quality of Work
Outstanding in enthusiasmVery interested and industriousAverage in diligence and interestSomewhat indifferent
Attitude Towards Work
Exceptionally matureAbove average in making decisionsUsually makes right decisionOften uses poor judgment
Completely dependableAbove averageUsually dependableSometimes unreliable
Learns very quicklyLearns readilyAverage in learningRather slow to learn
Ability To Learn
Exceptionally well acceptedWorks well with othersGets along satisfactorilyDifficulty working with others
Interpersonal Relations
OutstandingExcellentAbove AverageAverageMarginalUnsatisfactory
Overall Performance
Fellows matching process
Dissemination of information
Supervisor Orientation
Staff Site Visits
Overall Administration of the Program
Please share with us any suggestions or specific ways we can improve the quality and success of the Duke Chapel PathWays Fellowship Program as a partner with your organization. Feel free to comment on the content of this evaluation.
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