Saturday, October 14 - 2017

9:00 am Money and Christians Retreat (Offsite)

RETREAT: MONEY AND CHRISTIANS will provide a morning of discussion and reflection on the unique way that the Christian faith thinks about money: gift of God, responsibility, danger, temptation, insurance, and a way to love our neighbor. To be a disciple in our culture is to be someone who struggles with the challenge of money. We shall reflect upon the Biblical and theological resources available to us in being Christians who have money so that money does not have us. The retreat will be led by Dr. Will Willimon, who was Dean of Duke Chapel for twenty years. He is a United Methodist bishop, retired, and is currently Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry at Duke Divinity School. Among his numerous books is "Sinning Like a Christian" in which he reflects upon a Christian view of material possessions. The retreat will be held in the fellowship hall at Blacknall Presbyterian Church, 1902 Perry St, Durham. $10 covers the cost of a catered lunch. To sign-up, email:

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The Rev. Dr. Will Willimon

Format: 2018