Sunday, November 17
9:45 am
Prior to the Reformation, the Roman Catholic church taught that only those who undertook monastic orders possessed vocations and served God through their work in the church.
11:00 am
All are welcome to attend this ecumenical service of Christian worship on Sunday mornings throughout the year.
12:15 pm
Free and open to the public, this forty-five-minute tour introduces visitors to the Chapel's history, architecture, and traditions.
4:00 pm
Choral Evensong engages scripture readings, congregational hymns, and choral music to encourage prayer and reflection in a traditional service using the1662 Book of Common Prayer as a foundation.
5:15 pm
Josiah Hamill is an organist, violinist, and pianist who exudes passion, musicality, and virtuosity in every performance.
Monday, November 18
12:30 pm
Come hear one of Duke Chapel's four organs played during an open rehearsal.
Tuesday, November 19
12:00 pm
All are welcome at this simple service of prayer and scripture reading. It is held in Memorial Chapel, which is just off of the Chapel's main sanctuary (nave).
12:30 pm
Come hear one of Duke Chapel's four organs played by a local organist.


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