Tuesday, February 4
12:00 pm
All are welcome at this simple service of prayer and scripture reading. It is held in Memorial Chapel, which is just off of the Chapel's main sanctuary (nave).
12:30 pm
Come hear one of Duke Chapel's four organs played by a local organist.
Wednesday, February 5
12:00 pm
Catholic Daily Mass in Duke Memorial Chapel. All are welcome. The Duke Catholic Center is the Roman Catholic community on the Duke Campus.
Thursday, February 6
7:00 pm
*** This Choral Vespers service will be held in Memorial Chapel, which is just off of the main sanctuary of Duke Chapel.
Friday, February 7
8:00 pm
John Rutter's music has been a significant part of the world's choral music for decades, charming the listener with its simple elegance and endearing charm.
Sunday, February 9
(All day)
Chapel Dean Luke A. Powery is the keynote speaker for the 2020 Lewis Preaching Series at First Presbyterian Church in Salisbury, North Carolina.
9:45 am
Warning: these texts contain sexual violence, abuse, and excessive cruelty.


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