Thanks for your interest in hosting your event at Duke Chapel! To request the use of the Chapel or the Chapel Quad, please complete the webform below. Note that all requests should be submitted at least 14 days prior to the event. Requests to host large events at the Chapel may be submitted up to 12 months in advance.

If affiliation is "other", please specify in the space below.
Who is sponsoring the event? Examples include dPS, DSG, BSAI, Dept. of Music, School of Nursing, Religious Life groups, and other organizations directly affiliated with Duke and/or Duke Chapel. If your group does not have a direct affiliation with the Chapel or the University, please explain in the “other helpful information” section at the bottom of the form.
One person from each sponsoring group must be designated as fully responsible for the arrangements and management of the event and they should expect to be on the site from set-up through clean-up. Please list their name and contact information.
Chapel Quad is the grassy lawn area immediately in front of the Chapel, bordering Page Auditorium and the Divinity School. AbeleQuad is the larger area near the West Campus bus stop, where James Buchanan Duke’s statue stands. If you are interested in reserving Abele Quad, you must do so via the University Center for Activities and Events (UCAE).
When considering dates and times for your event, it may be helpful to consult the Chapel's public event calendar, although certain types of reservations, such as rehearsals and private events, are seldom listed. Just because there are no conflicting events listed on the public calendar does NOT necessarily mean the Chapel is available for your event.
When anticipating a crowd of over 1,000 persons, tickets will be required to be distributed. If you are using tickets for you event, please do not oversell the venue.
Please note that groups wanting to list their event on the University Calendar must do so themselves. The Chapel can share listings via our external calendar.
It is the responsibility of the group making the reservation to arrange for the use of the sound system through Duke Technical Services at (919-660-1731) or at Arrangements must be made at least two weeks in advance and require a fee, typically around $150. The Chapel does not make these arrangements.
The streaming service is similar to the streaming video done for the Chapel’s regular Sunday morning worship services. This service is optional and is not included in the Technical Services fee. Its cost is in the $350 range. Please email James Todd for additional details ( or, if yes, to make arrangements.
It is the responsibility of the group making the reservation to arrange for parking through the Duke Parking Office. Please contact Parking at or (919) 684-7275. The Chapel does not make these arrangements.
By typing my full name and today's date, below, I certify that if my event is approved, I or my associated department will cover and costs or fees incurred by the use of the Chapel and other related event services.
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