Duke Chapel Media Ministry extends the Chapel’s worship ministry by sharing worship and other events to those unable to visit the Chapel.  We want everyone to have access to this content.  If you are having any difficulty with live streaming or archived content, please try one of the following suggestions for resolving the issue.

Problems with viewing live content?  For a PC or device that provides for Flash streaming, click into the player below with the new Chapel logo during any live worship event.

What to do if the "Watch Live" tab at the player on the bottom of the home page is inactive during a time when a worship event is scheduled?  All university worship events in Duke Chapel are streamed live.  If the Live tab is inactive, go to your browser's "tools" menu and clear the cache, close the browser and reopen to Duke Chapel's home page.  The Live tab should now be active if worship is still occurring in the Chapel.

Download the YouTube app for iPhone and iPad from iTunes for best viewing of our video archives on these devices.

Please see a listing of upcoming events. 

If you continue to experience any difficulty viewing video content from the Duke Chapel website, please fill out this form or contact Chapel Media.

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