Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Duke Senior’s Sermon Feb. 23 to Find Equality Before God

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Duke senior Liddy Grantland is this year’s Duke Chapel Student Preacher. A double major in English and African and African American Studies from Columbia, South Carolina, Grantland will deliver the sermon during the Chapel's 11:00 a.m. worship service on Sunday, February 23.

Her sermon is based on the verses of the Gospel of Matthew that describes Jesus ascending a mountain with three of his disciples and then being transfigured with light. A key passage for Grantland is when the voice of God interrupts the disciple Peter when Peter is proposing to build dwellings on top of the mountain.

“God is countering our instincts to put ourselves above other people—and the way that that interacts with a whole host of oppressive structures that seek for one person to be higher than another,” said Grantland, a Chapel Scholar and member of the Chapel’s National Advisory Board as well as the Duke Wesley campus ministry and the United in Praise student gospel group.

“You are supposed to [come down from the mountain] and live among other people on even ground,” she said.

As part of the Sunday morning worship service, Duke will broadcast the sermon live on YouTube, WDNC Radio (620 AM), channel 12 on the Duke Hospital TV system and channel 110 of the Duke Campus Vision TV system. Click here to watch the service live.

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