Monday, March 29, 2021

Dean Powery on 'Women Who Have Made an Imprint on Our Lives'

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In his latest Chronicle column, Chapel Dean Luke A. Powery describes some of the women who have blessed him and many others, writing, "If it wasn’t for the women—their voices, their courage, their strength, their wisdom, their ingenuity, their expertise, their love, their care and concern—where would we be?"

He laments the loss of the six women of Asian decent who were murdered in the Atlanta area early this month. "Imagine the gaping voids they leave behind in the lives of so many people—their children, their spouses, their friends, their colleagues," he says.

Dean Powery also celebrates the women of the Bible who play key roles in the events of Holy Week.

"I remember it was the women who first proclaimed the resurrection of Jesus," he says. "They went to tell others. They preached, and without them, we wouldn’t have heard this message of good news in order to proclaim it today."

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