Monday, November 29, 2021

Dean Powery on Living with 'Integrity of Heart'

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In his final column this semester for the (Duke) Chronicle, Chapel Dean Luke Powery says that when our words and actions are dissonant it causes our lives to be incoherent.

"In contrast to this lack of coherence among all the aspects of our lives is what an ancient psalm text calls 'integrity of heart,'” he writes. "It means one lives a consistent, coherent, whole life as one person, the same person, wherever we are—in the board room, the court room, the locker room, the living room, even at Rooms To Go."

"So, as we approach the end of another calendar year and look toward a new year, I invite you to join in this whole-person pursuit of a coherent life," he says. "For me, I have been challenged in this direction by a quote looping in the playlist of my mind from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: 'It is possible to affirm the existence of God with your lips and deny his existence with your life.'”

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