Monday, October 12, 2020

Dean Powery on 'Just Be'

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In reflecting on his sabbatical this past spring, Chapel Dean Luke A. Powery writes in his latest (Duke) Chronicle column "Just be" about the importance of taking a sabbath (however brief) from doing and achieving to rest and to be.

"One key idea about the nature of sabbath itself became highlighted [during his sabbatical], that is, that the worth of my life and the worth of your life are not rooted in work or production," he writes.

"My worth and your worth as human beings are grounded in the notion that we are people created in the image of God. Period," he says. "Breath running through our bodies means that we are worthy and we are valuable, not due to anything we produce but just because we are people, humans."

"Busyness or the flurry of activity can be a way to avoid engaging oneself openly, honestly and deeply."

Dean Powery cites an opportunity only for students "to help you be and remain grounded spiritually," which is to sign up for a time slot during specific hours to be in the Chapel for personal meditation, reflection, prayer, or contemplation.

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