Much has changed for Duke chapel since my first letter — certainly the most visible and in some ways jarring is the closure of the Chapel sanctuary for one year of needed renovation and repair. Many of us, I am sure, have seen the initial pictures — pretty amazing! And, I have been so impressed with the University's support of this project, and all the work the staff is doing to continue Chapel worship on campus in Page Auditorium and in Goodson Chapel at Duke Divinity School.

Thinking about all the work at the Chapel brings to my mind the theme of restoration — of restoring something to what it once was, and maybe even looking for ways to enhance.

We, as supporters of the Chapel, are its caretakers, honoring those who, thorughout the years, enabled its construction and maintenance, and doing our part to ensure that it is a vital presence on the Duke campus for generations to come.

In my last letter to the Friends of Duke Chapel via Chapel View magazine, I invited you to share your stories of how the Chapel has affected you. I want to renew that invitation — as we progress through the next academic year without access to the Chapel's sanctuary, reminding ourselves of what the Chapel has meant to us will help make it more prestent for all of us, and help us to look forward to the completion of its restoration and its presence for generations to come.

Please continue to submit and share your stories to so that all of us may cherish the ways in which the Chapel is a special part of our lives. Read the full stories below.