Fall Break Trips – September 20, 2012
Winter Break Trips – November 20, 2012
Spring Break Trips – February 20, 2013

Contact person administratively responsible for the project:


**Attach a description of the programs(s) or agency(ies) of sponsorship, including brochures or other printed material, if available. Describe the supervision involved. Describe the organization, its mission, with whom you will be working, and what preparation or training is involved.

Please provide the following information (no more than 750 words, single-spaced is necessary for a response to each section). Should you feel the need to go into further de-tail, you may append extra material (brochures, pictures, etc.). However, the following information must be submitted independently:

I. Statement of proposed plans:

A. What do you hope to accomplish?
B. How do you plan to achieve your goal?
C. Why do you feel a need for this project in your Duke career?
D. Describe your vocational discernment journey and the role this project might play in your discernment process.

II. Statement of funding:

A. What is your total working budget for the entire project, noting funds you are requesting from PathWays at Duke Chapel? Please itemize your budget.
B. Specifically, how do you plan to use PathWays money, if granted?
C. To what other sources of funding have you made requests for support?
D. Why are you requesting PathWays support?

III. Sealed Letter of recommendation:

A. Please submit a sealed letter of recommendation from your Vocational
Discernment Campus Minister on professional letterhead with your


Projects receiving grants must agree to provide two out of the three post-mission reports within two weeks from the date of return from the field:

  • a written two-page (double-spaced, 12pt font) summary/evaluation of the completed project;
  • a written story of at least two typewritten pages (double-spaced, 12pt font), along with a PowerPoint slide presentation, videotape or picture album describing the ministry funded; and
  • report or provide a program to a campus ministry group or residence hall during an academic year.

To Be Completed by PathWays Staff

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