Chapel Scholars are selected through an application and interview process that asks them to reflect on their journey of faith and sense of calling. Applications are now being accepted for this year’s class of Chapel Scholars. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants will be contacted to arrange an individual meeting with Chapel staff. Once accepted, scholars are required to:

  • participate in at least one Chapel reading group
  • engage with the Faith and Learning conversations
  • find ways to get involved in the worship life of Duke Chapel
  • submit reflection papers for Scholar grants and Chapel mission trips
  • find ways to connect with Chapel friends and neighbors in Durham 

Scholars are eligible for an annual grant award up to $500 for mission trips, conferences, service projects, and other programs. 

Scholar Application

General Information

Essay Questions

Answer two of the four questions below. Answers should be between 250 and 500 words per question. (Since you cannot save this application online, you may want to write your answers in a separate program, then cut/paste them into this form.)

  1. Duke Chapel is committed to bridging faith and learning. What do you think it means to bridge these two practices, and how have you discovered God through both faith and learning?
  2. Duke Chapel is committed to helping students discover God’s call for their lives and the ways that that call might address the world’s deep needs. What do you believe is the calling of all Christians, and how does your own developing sense of calling relate to this larger call?
  3. TIn what ways do you imagine your own life as a journey, and how has God been present or absent along the way?
  4. Japanese American artist Makoto Fujimura has said that the question for Christians is not so much 'Why art?' but 'Which art?'" How has artistic expression been a part of your life of faith? How have you encountered God in beauty and creativity?

Applications must be submitted no later than September 28, 2018.
Questions? Email the Rev. Joshua Lazard at